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Best Ways to Impress Your Boss (No Questions Asked)

How To Impress Your Boss

Impress Your Boss in 10 Easy Steps

When you’re working in a big office, sometimes it’s hard to get noticed. And while that may not seem like a big deal at first, you can end up being overlooked for future projects. Ouch. Instead of blending into the background, impress your boss and learn to stand out and show your capabilities.

1. Know Your Goals When You’re at Work

Obviously your goal is to work for the benefit of the company and the objectives it has. But keep in mind that your boss’s goals must become your goals. You should set your priorities to achieve the results your boss wants to see. This way, you will be noticed and your work will be rewarded.

An easy way to set goals for yourself at work is to start writing down a list of tasks you want to accomplish that day, week, and even month. Next, you want to organize the tasks and break them up so that they’re manageable. Remember that sometimes it’s best to get the difficult stuff out of the way, that way as you cross things off the list, tasks get easier and easier. It’s important to also do a check-in with your progress every once in a while. Sometimes this can help you re-evaluate your process and your goals, making it easier to identify what to do next.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. – Tony Robbins

2. Understand How You Will Be Evaluated By Your Employer

Use the feedback you get from time to time on how you do your job. You should try to see what are the qualities and skills that your manager emphasizes on. Then make sure you improve on these qualities in order to work towards a perfect rating. As long as you make some type of progress, you’ll be recognized for your efficiency.

3. Fulfill Your Duties On Time and With Accuracy

When you are asked to finish a task, try to provide the best results possible. You should not set your limits to the attributions written in your job description. Prove that you are a person your boss can always rely on. Also, an extra effort from your side will make you seem like a true professional. And therefore, your boss will see you as someone who wants to advance in his career.

4. Be Positive Around Others, Even if They Aren’t

Remember, don’t be the one who always complains to your boss. Rather try to be the one that motivates others with positive energy. If you want to get promoted, then you have to prove you’re a nice person who knows how to motivate others.

5. Try Not to Put Your Boss in Delicate Situations

To impress your boss, you should meet the deadlines you have for completing your projects. That means your job should be done professionally. It’s up to you to make improvements on your projects. And remember to avoid extending your deadline. Moreover, help your boss to come up with new ideas to develop the department you are part of. You will thus become his right hand and a reliable person.

6. Be Organized in Order to Stay on Top of Tasks

As always, do not leave things to chance. Before the end of each working day , draw up a list of your tasks that you have to complete the following day.

Being Organized Is Key

Being Organized Is Key to Impressing Your Boss

Be punctual and respect your rules. This proves once again that you’re a person that your boss can always rely on.

7. Stay Informed About Your Field and Latest Trends in the Industry

You keep yourself informed on all the latest news in your field and attend courses. This is done by reading online articles and magazines with relevant information to your profession.

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them. – Laurence J. Peter

This way, when you’ll come across a complex problem, you will be able to find the answer in a creative and innovative way.

8. Be Flexible With Your Time and Work to Show Your Dedication

Sometimes you will be needed to work for some extra hours when there is a deadline to meet. But you should not make a fuss out of it and do not comment on the situation. Even if it’s not ideal, try to do your job as good as you can – quickly and efficiently.

9. Be an Adult and Leave Your Personal Life at Home

Life is hard, and we all have bad days sometimes. And no matter where you work it’s important to keep your personal problems outside of the workplace.

10. Help Out Your Teammates and Ask For Help In Return

Lending a helping hand to other team members in their roles is a great way to impress your boss. This makes the whole team perform better leading to increased productivity.

But asking questions also shows that you’re interested in learning more, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

When you find the “I” in team, you’ve figured out who the asshole is. – James Dough

So, how to you impress you boss?  Just be a good person, who works hard. If you follow these rules, you’re ahead of the curve on your co-workers.

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